Google Apps Intro Usage

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Workshop Objective

Workshop trainees will be able to:

  • Proficiently communicate using Google Mail
  • Effectively draft Lesson Plans using Google Docs, Spreadsheet and Presentation
  • Create gradebooks to monitor students grades in each class using Google Spreadsheets
  • Create lesson contents effectively using Google Docs, Spreadsheet and Presentation
  • Create lesson plans, files and information repository and organise them effectively for each class using Google Drive
  • Organise one’s schedule and calendar effectively using Google Calendar
  • Conduct video conferencing for remoting meetings with students and other teachers easily using Google Hangout

Training Topic:



  • Receive and reply emails using Google Apps Mail
  • Compose email using Rich Text feature
  • Setting Email Signature
  • Attaching files and pictures in Email
  • Personalising the visual appearance of Google Apps Mail
Calendar / Hangout:


  • Scheduling Meeting and setting up appointments
  • Attaching files along with meeting appointment requests
  • Setting up repeat events in Google Calendar, whether it’s weekly, monthly, yearly, etc.
  • Creating personal calendar
  • Conducting video conferencing

  • Uploading / downloading files
  • Creating and organising folders


  • Creating documents using Rich Text feature
  • Using Header / Footer feature
  • Making copies of existing documents
  • Creating document templates
  • Reviewing previous changes and restoring documents to previous versions


  • Creating Spreadsheet using Rich Text feature
  • Organising and filtering data
  • Writing formulas and automatic calculation


  • Creating Presentation using Rich Text Feature
  • Using Header / Footer
  • Making copies of existing presentations


  • Creating class
  • Inviting students to join class
  • Uploading assignments and attachments to classroom
  • Assign quizzes through classroom
  • Collect homework through classroom

  • Creating Google Sites
  • Add new pages
  • Create content with rich text editor
  • Embedding files like presentations and videos
  • Reviewing previous changes and restoring presentations to previous versions