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    Checking Internet Network Connection /// Registration /// List of Learning Resource /// Google Apps for Education Case Studies /// Top Benefits of Google Apps for Education Solutions /// Google Apps for Education Admin Console Case Studies //// Top Benefits of Google Apps for Education Admin Console /// Workshop : Google Apps for Education Admin Console /// Google Apps for Education Admin Project Management Plan /// Google Apps Certified Administrator. The skills required to manage a Google Apps domain /// User creation, deletion, and administration /// Organizational units /// Google Apps services and organizational access /// Mail delivery, routing, and filtering /// Calendar settings and resources /// Mobile policies and device management /// Security /// Groups /// Q&A

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    Chromebook Management Console. – Chromebook Project Management Plan. – Chromebook Management Console and Google Apps Admin Console. – Get licenses, enroll, and set up devices – Track assets. Assign devices to users and get configuration and usage reports. – Pre-install and block apps. Blacklist, whitelist, or pre-install apps, extensions and URLs. – Create user groups. Apply policies, apps, and settings to different sets of users. – Control user access. Control who uses your Chromebooks: prevent outside users from logging in, disable Guest Mode, or designate the specific users within your domain that can use a Chromebook. – Configure network access. Set network and proxy settings to make it easy for users to get up and running and ensure they’re protected by web filters and firewalls. – Customize user features. Modify user settings like bookmark and app sync across computers and brand your devices with custom Chrome themes. – Q&A. – Training Evaluation.