GSuite Enterprise for EDU

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G Suite Enterprise for Education features:

Security center—Use advanced analytics to control security and view data across your organization. /// Data regions—Store user data in a specific geographic location (the U.S. or Europe). /// Originality reports—Use reports with an unlimited number of assignments to help students properly cite their source material. /// Cloud Search—Get a unified search experience across G Suite Enterprise for Education services with Google Cloud Search. /// Google Meet advanced features—Live-stream and record video meetings, save meeting recordings to Google Drive, dial in to meetings by phone , and create meetings with up to 250 participants. /// Advanced mobile management—Enforce passwords, manage apps by organizational unit or group, and set policies for devices. /// Google Workspace reports and Gmail logs in BigQuery—Use reports and logs to diagnose issues and discover insights. /// Third-party archiving for mail—Integrate Gmail with a third-party archiving solution. /// Migration options—If at least 15% of your users have a license, you can migrate all your user data securely to G Suite Enterprise for Education. /// Enhanced support—Get faster response times from a dedicated team of product specialists when you purchase over 200 licenses.

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The power and familiarity of G Suite for Education, plus premium enhancements

Video Introduction: Click here
Information on Partial Domain vs Entire Domain: Click here

Data and analytics that are secure by design

Enhance security, visibility, and control

• Optimize data protection with customized recommendations for setting adjustments on the security health page
• Streamline cyberthreat monitoring and analysis proactively in the security center dashboard • Target and block phishing, spam, and other breaches quickly with the investigation tool
• Protect personal devices and apps with advanced mobile management

Do more with your data and insights
• Export Gmail logs and usage data for analysis in BigQuery or your preferred tools
• Manage your data with flexible levels of granular control, from global views down to specific data regions

Tools to take teaching and learning to the next level

Expand learning possibilities with video
• Teach in virtual classrooms with up to 250 participants using the advanced video meeting capabilities
• Livestream events to as many as 100,000 in-domain participants who can tune in with a click of a link
• Record meetings, then automatically save and archive them to share replays with your school or community

Empower authentic thinking
• Provide unlimited originality reports to save instructors grading time while guiding students to create original work efficiently and incorporate outside sources properly
• Create peer-to-peer comparisons (beta) between current student work and anything previously submitted and stored in your private, school-owned repository
• Protect intellectual property with your school retaining ownership of scanned student work

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