Easier Payments with Chrome

Easier Payments with Chrome

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People have high expectations for their shopping experience on the web — whether booking a vacation, or buying tickets to a hot concert before they’re gone. They want a fast, seamless, and safe experience that works across all their devices.

That’s why today we are making payments in Chrome more convenient: When you’re signed into Chrome on your laptop, you’ll be able to use payment methods previously saved to your Google Account to fill in checkout forms. And you can use this feature without having to turn on Chrome sync. You’ll also be able to use the payment info you’ve saved in your Google Account across your devices in Chrome where you’re signed in, and wherever Google Pay is accepted.

You are always in control: When you’re signed-in and Chrome offers you the option of using a card from your Google Account, it will ask you to confirm the card’s CVC. If you choose to save a new card to your account, you will receive a confirmation email from Google Pay with additional information. You can manage and delete the cards in your account at anytime by going to your Google Account > Payments & subscriptions > Payment methods.

Using this new feature doesn’t turn on Chrome sync. And of course, if you prefer to save your payment methods only locally on your device, you can still do that: Add your card in Chrome Settings  > Payment methods > Add. When you sign into any Google website, you’re also signed into Chrome with the same account. You can turn off “Allow Chrome sign-in” altogether in settings. 

Every time you open your browser, you have a task in mind to accomplish. We’ve built Chrome to help you do that as quickly and safely as possible, whether you are completing a search, viewing a website, or making a purchase. This feature is just one more way we are improving this experience for everyone.
Posted by Sabine Borsay, Chrome Product Manager

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